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Dance has been widely recognised to improve both physical and mental health and overall wellbeing – particularly among young people. Dance increases cardiovascular activity and can help to reduce weight gain. It improves cognitive functions with movement creating a link between a problem or idea to an outcome or solution. Thus, it can progress classroom learning and provide a platform for creative & critical thinking.

Dance promotes sociability through working together and celebrating within the community; it can heighten resilience and boost positive mental health. It can develop the ability to communicate ideas effectively—both verbally and in movement.

Dance is also a key element of self-expression and allows a growing awareness of one’s physical self.

Whilst only 38% of girls are reported to achieve the recommended amount of physical daily exercise, dance has long been proven to be a great way of engaging young girls in physical activity.

Cheshire Dance delivers a wide range of opportunities for young people. It supports regular classes across the area, has a comprehensive dance in education service and hosts a multitude of performance opportunities and support for young people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and gifted and talented young people.

Cheshire Dance champions dance among young people, continually striving to create opportunities for them to learn from, experience and engage with the art form.



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