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The Wanna Dance? Programme is a partnership between Cheshire Dance, Vivo Care Choices and the University of Central Lancashire, whereby Cheshire Dance is currently taking up a 12-month Dance Artist in Residency role across Vivo’s Canal Street and Lightfoot Lodge centres.

Wanna Dance? was developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to enable people with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities (PIMD) to take part in dance activity. The Wanna Dance? programme sees Vivo Care Choices service users’ take part in one-to-one face to face sessions with Cheshire Dance artists to explore how they might like to dance. The artists work with each person in the moment, exploring communication and connection beyond words through dance with touch, sensory objects and music.

Cheshire Dance is exploring how members of the Vivo Community with the most complex needs might want to engage in the art form with staff being given the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in facilitating dance with people with Profound Intellectual & Multiple Disabilities.

The Wanna Dance? Programme has been founded upon a commitment to involve people with PIMD in decisions about their continuing engagement through dance, with opportunities for their likes, dislikes and preferences to be heard and impacted upon their experience. The programme is based on the principles of joining, amplifying and connecting one-to-one with a partner’s movement.

Wanna Dance? has set out to not only explore how people with complex disabilities might like to dance but is seeking to re-examine models of how dance artists can work in social care settings with dance artists embedded as members of the staff team, specialising in non-verbal communication and physical expressions.

To discover more about the Wanna Dance? Programme visit: www.pmld-dance.org/wanna-dance or contact: Jane.McLean@cheshiredance.org.

A Summary of Findings for the Wanna Dance? pilot can be downloaded here.




“Working one-to-one with members of the Vivo Community allows us to respond to a person’s unique movements. This helps us to notice verbal and non-verbal signals and enables us to really understand how our dancing partner likes to dance – and enables us to ensure we really have their consent. As such, we can respond and review our approach in the moment and can provide an enhanced dance experience that is right for each participant. During each and every session we value and celebrate ALL movements together – no matter how small they may seem.” Jane McLean, Creative Director

Wanna Dance?

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