Active Cheshire

Active Cheshire’s mission is to embed physical activity into all aspects of everyday life by 2040.

We are a multi-award winning Charity that are passionate about positively changing the lives of people in our region and beyond.

It is our job to engage, educate, enable, inspire and influence the local community as well as a wide range of organisations, stakeholders and partners locally, nationally and even globally to become active.

We face an increasingly inactive society, so we aim to provide services and inspire people to move more. Changing hearts and minds, encouraging behavioural change, changing attitudes and habits.

We have an inclusive approach, which means our reach is everyone. All age groups, genders, ethnicities, backgrounds and circumstances whether or not they are active or non-active – across the general public and organisations of all sizes and sectors.

The result of our work is to change people’s behaviour and habits towards being active, in order to improve their overall wellbeing and to live healthier, happier, more enriched, longer lives – that as a consequence are more productive and prosperous.  

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