Cine-Window Winsford

Cine-Window Winsford is a community art project based in Winsford Cross Shopping Centre, that shows home made and handmade films by people in Winsford and beyond. It looks to create partnerships with local individuals and organisations to develop film and moving image projects that celebrate and showcase their work.

The programme for 2022 includes work by art, design and media students from WRVC, a celebration of Youth Work in Winsford in partnership with New Images, and a collaboration with the NHS to explore small steps to  reduce our carbon footprint.

For the Re-opening and Recovery Programme, the Cine-Window is supporting Cheshire Dance in the lead up to the  Winsford Creates Festival by showcasing the music, dance and art that will be part of the day, and from March 19th will be hosting ‘Winstopia’ digital radio.

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