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Meet the Board

Cheshire Dance is governed by a Board of Directors, who holds responsibility for the decision making with regard to policy-making and the overall direction of the organisation. The Board monitors progress of programmes, finance and other strategic development relating to Cheshire Dance. The Artistic and Strategic direction of Cheshire Dance is developed by the Director in collaboration with both Board and Staff.

The Cheshire Dance Board of Trustees currently comprises 70% females and 30% males with an equal spread of ages ranges (from 20-69). 20% of the Board identify as deaf, disabled or as having a long term health condition and 20% are neurodiverse. In terms of sexual orientation, 80% are heterosexual, 10% LGBTQIA+ and 10% prefer not to say. With regard to ethnicity, 80% are White British/White Irish/White Other and an additional 20% are Black Caribbean.

In 2023, 40% of Board Members are self-employed, 30% are currently in a modern professional occupation, 10% are at present not in employment and 10% are retired.


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