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Opportunities for Artists

A blue-tinged photo of a group of dancers in a row in front of chairs, leaning over with head tucked in and arms outstretched.

Lowry: CAT Programme Coordinator

A great opportunity to join The Lowry as a CAT Programme Coordinator to provide coordination and project support to facilitate the operational delivery of The Lowry’s Centre for Advanced Training in Dance.


Wired Aerial

Wired Aerial: Company Manager

Wired Aerial are seeking to appoint a Company Manager who has excellent organising, planning and communication skills, and enjoys travelling and working abroad. 


Paid Evaluators for Now Northwich Festival

Cheshire Dance is looking for a number of paid evaluators to help engage with the public at Now Northwich Festival on 27/04/24


Dance Consortia North West Strategic Consultant

Cheshire Dance seeks a Consultant to inform the priorities of DCNW and reimagine a robust and sustainable structure and development programme.

North West, UK