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Adventures through the arts; a free event to delight and excite families, young people and the community with dance performances, live bands, percussion parades, creative workshops, a Cine Window installation, great food & drink… and a fantastic vibe!

Having taken place in the town of Winsford on 19th March 2022, Winsford Creates brought the community live dance performances, brilliant live music, percussion parades, creative workshops, a Cine Window takeover, great food & drink… and a united vibe!

Featuring a hip-hop extravaganza from DOPE Male Performance Company, a raucous drumming riot from Juba do Leão & Jubacana, parading mythical birds from Movema, storytelling from Kindred Folk Dance Theatre as well as brilliant beats from some of the best local bands around, Winsford Creates was a celebration of the arts, the future and town.

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Winsford Creates Line Up

19th March 2022



Drum & Dance Collective, Juba do Leão

Inspired by the floor-shaking rhythms and vibrant dances of North-Eastern Brazil, Juba do Leão is ready to take Winsford Creates on an enlightening tour of the intoxicating grooves of Brazil and beyond.

Also featuring prodigious youth band Jubacana who will be sharing choreographies inspired by the art of capoeira and the works of Dope Male Performance Company, this set will bring you a drum-tastic performance topped with high energy and vibrant moves.

Check out Juba do Leão here.


Dan Hollinrake

After years of honing his craft as both lead and backing vocalist in bands such as Dead Pixels and Jarvis Brothers, singer/songwriter Dan Hollinrake has gained hundreds of gigs-worth of experience on the pub and club circuit.

Dan has appeared at reputable festivals such as OsFest 2014, staring on the same bill as household names Nina Nesbitt, Toyah Willcox, Paloma Faith and Connor Maynard and has appeared on ITV’s ‘Sing it to Win it’.

Dan will be showcasing his talents at Winsford Creates, including his debut single ‘My Darling’.

Check out Dan Hollinrake here.


Pandora’s Boombox by Dope Male Performance Company

The story of Pandora’s Box as you’ve never seen it before! A Greek, myth full of dance, rap, graffiti & more! Join Zeus & the other Greek Gods at Club Olympus as they set Pandora on his journey to earth full of wonder & curiosity. The only thing standing in the way is a wonderful gift bestowed upon him by Zeus – a boombox full of forbidden music.

This breakthrough piece of hip-hop Theatre gives you everything you need to get you up and clapping to the beat. Fantastic moves, impressive lyrics and a vibe that beats all vibes, Pandora’s Box is a fantastic surprise.

Check out DOPE here.


Thoughtified Rhyme

A hip hop trio originally from Cheshire, Thoughtified Rhyme comprises of BatFunk and Sammy B on the rhymes and DJ Misc Jockey on the beats and cuts. Blending a golden age hip hop sound with their countryside upbringing, Thoughtified Rhyme brings a different flavour of rap to the game.

With songs like “Nowt to rap about” and “Out in’t country” that give a tongue-in-cheek look at life as a rapper in the sticks, this group is guaranteed to bring a dope and entertaining live show to Winsford Creates with their fresh rhymes and funky beats.

Having previously performed alongside big hip hop names like The Sugarhill Gang, House of Pain and many more, Thoughtified Rhyme at Winsford Creates is not to be missed.

Check out Thoughtified Rhyme here.


Community Groups 

Winsford Creates will see an eclectic line up of talented community dance groups who will take to the stage to delight Winsford audiences young and old. Fancy Feet Theatrical Dance, Bollywood Dance for Fun, Dope Male Performance Company (Dope Development), dance students from the University of Chester and Cheshire Dance’s very own Winsford Youth Group, The Spotlight Project will showcase their talents and wow audiences with a mix of styles.


Golty Farabeau

Reggae musician and composer Golty Farabeau performs traditional sega music from his native Seychelles and will bring “seggae” music to Winsford Creates – a fusion of sega and reggae with covers by great luminaries such as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

With 7 albums under his belt, Golty Farabeau launched his international career when he was selected to represent the Seychelles’ music industry on a global stage. He has since animated audiences at festivals in the Middle East and Europe as well as the French Caribbean, and on 19th March will combine heart-felt reggae and happy roots for the people of Winsford.

Check out Golty Farabeau here.


Taking Flight by Movema

A spectacular, outdoor world dance show that sees 4 mythical winged birds from the four corners of the earth unite to explore migration, citizenship & belonging. Watch as the Phoenix from China, the Peacock from India, the Sankofa from Ghana and the local Liver Bird come together on a journey towards mutual respect and understanding.

Combining magnificent costumes from the Liverpool Lantern Company and signature, playful & engaging world dance from Movema, Taking Flight delights us with an inspirational tale about beautiful human relationships existing in harmony.

Check out Movema here.



DJ EWOK operates under a cloud of mystery. Much more than just a DJ or musician, EWOK removes the barrier between arts; falling away from any stereotypical category and rejecting the need to be pigeon-holed into one genre. EWOK is an out-of-the-box artist using experimental moments to create a whole new style of stage performance that leaves you only craving more. Inspiring others to be whatever it is that they want to be, EWOK is just… well… EWOK.

Merging DJing, original music and dance with high octane beats and a touch of rock and sax, EWOK is set to bring you epic sounds that’ll push you to move and groove – no matter what your age.

Check out EWOK here.



Head turning percussion and dance outfit from the people behind Juba do Leão, Jubacana is set to a make a massive sound with Brazilian percussion instruments and vibrant dance choreographies. Creating original music with melodic guitars and with bass, drum and flute all thrown into the mix, Jubacana will take Winsford Creates by storm with the group’s uplifting and motivational vibe. If you’re hungry for music and high energy moves, keep your eyes peeled for Jubacana at Winsford Creates.

Check out Jubacana here.


Evan Kirwan

Raw indie rock combined with full-on emotion makes Evan Kirwan one to watch at Winsford Creates. Influenced by all things indie, Evan Kirwan has taken inspiration from the likes of The Las, Cast, Oasis and others and has created his own unique sound that is brimming with sentiment.

Winsford born and bred, Evan is an acoustic act who writes and performs original tunes. He’s no stranger to Winsford’s venues and has an avid fan base both in the town and beyond.

Check out Evan Kirwan here.


The Zangwills

Following their debut single ‘New Heights’ in December 2017, The Zangwills have headlined far and wide between Edinburg and Portsmouth, bringing their distinctive indie style and voracious sound to audiences nationwide.

With a growing and highly enthusiastic following, their last two Manchester dates at Deaf Institute (Sept 2019) and Academy 3 (Feb 2020) were sold-out in advance. Past Festival appearances include Dot 2 Dot, Focus Wales, Sound City and a Saturday Mainstage appearance at Wychwood Festival 2020 alongside ABC.

The Zangwills have been described as fitting, “smoothly into the era of early noughties indie-rock fronted by Arctic Monkeys with other sounds coming through of The Courteeners.” They cite their influences as David Bowie, The Cure, Patti Smith and The Strokes, and are known for their striking indie anthems and lively sets.

Check out The Zangwills here.


Kindred Folk Dance Theatre

There was once a little girl called Lost whose voice was frozen in her throat…

Based on the original folktale of Lost, Kindred Folk Dance Theatre takes families on a journey across the seas and delights them with dance, storytelling and music. Come along and enjoy an enchanting performance of Lost in Winsford Library on Saturday 19th March at 12pm & 3.30pm. Free to all families courtesy of the Winsford Creates Festival.

Please note: Places are limit and booking is highly advised to avoid disappointment on the day. Simply speak to the library staff in person or on 01606 275065, or contact the team at:

Check out Kindred Folk Dance Theatre here.




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The Winsford Creates celebration event was produced by Cheshire Dance and formed part of Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Reopening and Recovery programme, funded by the Governments Additional Restrictions Grant. It was supported by Winsford Town Council and Arts Council England.






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