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Connor Elliman


Project #1 (by artist Connor Elliman) was a creative initiative for young LGBTQ+ people aged 13-19, living in and around the City of Chester. Running over 8 consecutive weeks in early 2022, Project #1  invited young people with/without prior experience to come together and explore new ways of moving in a safe and friendly space.

While the sessions were led by Cheshire Dance artists and therefore held a strong dance focus, the project was about finding ones own way to express themselves – and to feel FREE. With this in mind,  for Project #1 some participants participated in drawing, writing, photography… and other creative arts as well as dance. The project encouraged the young people to simply come along and find what felt right for them.

The 8 week inclusive workshops for PROJECT #1 culminated in a film that documented the journey, ideas and experiences of the participants in the group.

Please note: Some participants remained anonymous in both the project and film.


Venue: Saint Mary Without the Walls, Chester

Dates: From 12.01.22 to 02.03.22


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Project #1 has since lead to Project #2. Find out more here.




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