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The University of Chester is a public university located in Chester, England. The university originated as the first purpose-built teacher training college in the UK. As a university, it now occupies five campus sites in and around Chester, one in Warrington, and a University Centre in Shrewsbury. It offers a range of foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as undertaking academic research. Studies relating to Dance can be found within the Creative Campus, Kingsway.

Studying Dance at Chester involves: being led by expert and highly motivated professionals; working in a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages the development of each individual dancer; being in a hands-on learning environment with exciting industry connections; gaining opportunities to perform and present work; developing dance-teaching skills; using well-equipped, excellent studios, performance spaces, computers, and learning facilities; developing performance technology and digital media skills; and working in a dynamic arts environment.

Cheshire Dance is proud to work in partnership with The University of Chester.

Creative Health Simulation: “This Creative Health session with Cheshire Dance has reminded me how important TOUCH is in our work. We as nurses are privileged. People arrive as babies - we use kind gentle hands to deliver, to guide that baby into the world. And then in their passing, we must remember the last thing people may experience is our touch as they leave this world. Touch is telling a person “I’m here for you.” Jan Hardy, Senior Lecturer at Department of Public Health & Well Being at Chester University on Cheshire Dance’s Creative Health Simulation sessions to second year nursing students.

University of Chester

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