Jane McLean

Jane McLean studied dance at the University of Chester, leaving in 2007 with the Bradbury Prize for Performing Arts and going on to Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance in London to study and work.

As a freelance dance and capoeira artist Jane has taught, performed, created and played in London, France, Brazil and the North West and taught as a Visiting Lecturer at University of Chester.

As Cheshire Dance’s Creative Director, Jane’s role involves managing the Cheshire Dance Artistic programme, working with diverse groups from professional artists to community groups and schools, inspiring people from all walks of life to create, learn and experience dance.

Jane enjoys working collaboratively with other artists and organisations to enable the development and co-creation of innovative dance practices across Cheshire and beyond. Jane’s enquiries into anatomy, performance presence, attention to sensation, use of energy and focus support all of her work. Jane uses improvisation to explore, connect and create dances with people of all ages and abilities.

Jane is currently leading on Wildfire Rising – an Associate Artist Programme for dance artists from culturally diverse backgrounds and the Wanna Dance? Project with people with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities (PIMD).


"I work to ensure that everyone everywhere has access to dance and can benefit from its transformative power."

Jane McLean

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