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Cheshire Dance is the lead organisation of Dance Consortia North West, a powerful gathering of dance artists, companies, venues, universities and dance development organisations that are collectively responsive to the strengths, needs and specialisms of the region’s artists and organisations whilst also learning from and collaborating with the wider dance and cultural sector.

Co-founded in 2017, DCNW works to identify and deliver collective actions that produce change which is greater than that which artists and individual organisations could produce by themselves. Working together to make small changes and big impacts, as a Consortium DCNW aims to:

  • Grow the quality and range of dance entering, generated in and emanating from the North West
  • Nurture regional talent, enable artistic ambition, production and presentation
  • Develop audiences, engagement and sector knowledge
  • Attract regional, national and international attention for dance in the North West.

DCNW Membership is drawn from (and reflects) different parts of the dance ecology. An Executive Group which is representative of the membership meets quarterly and the Consortia is led by a Partnerships Director. Task Groups meet regularly to create and deliver an action plan – the purpose established by the Executive Group and the groups. Current task groups include: Artists (Artists Led For Artists: ALFA), CPD & Participation, Executives Group, Education, Venues.

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