Juba do Leão

A Manchester based drum and dance collective formed in 2005, Juba strives to bring us the lively spirit of North-eastern Brazilian culture and dance. Juba do Leao perform rambunctious rhythms that shake the ground and uplifts spirits .

Over the years Juba do Leão has gone from strength to strength, offering both beginners and expert musicians and dancers the chance to broaden their knowledge as well as take part in large-scale national performance events, education work, and youth engagement projects.The group prides itself on maintaining its original community spirit whilst striving for ambitious performance opportunities around the UK to share its jaw-dropping energy with willing ears!

Inspired by the floor-shaking rhythms and vibrant dances of North-Eastern Brazil, Juba do Leão take the audience on an enlightening tour of the intoxicating grooves of Brazil and beyond. Every performance features beats and breaks that offer a dynamic journey of Brazilian coastal grooves for an unsuspecting audience. With booming bass drums and slicing snare lines, this formidable power house are guaranteed to get you dancing your socks off!

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