Without Walls

Without Walls is a consortium of over 30 partners working together to create, develop and tour innovative new work and invest in the growth of the outdoor arts sector.

We commission outdoor shows of the highest quality that push the boundaries of what outdoor arts can be. Each year, we present a programme of new work that premieres at our leading festival partners. These shows go on to tour across our wider network.

Without Walls supports artists that have been working at the heart of the outdoor arts sector for many years, as well artists experimenting with work in public space for the first time. We provide financial support for the research and development of new work, as well as professional and creative development opportunities.

The consortium is instrumental in developing and maintaining an active touring network for outdoor arts. Many of the shows we have premiered continue to tour nationally and internationally for many years, contributing to England’s position as a global leader in outdoor arts.

Our network of partners reaches across England from city to country to coastline. Many work in areas of low arts engagement and pioneer new forms of creative engagement with and for their communities. From the East End of London, to the banks of the River Tees in Stockton, the countryside of rural Cheshire, and on to town centres across the country – Without Walls’ work finds audiences far and wide.

Without Walls is funded by Arts Council England as a National Portfolio Organisation. 

Cheshire Dance is a Touring Network Partner of Without Walls.

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