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Dance for people with Profound & Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD)

Cheshire Dance is a specialist in dance for people with PMLD. People with PMLD are participants in many of our regular dance and disability groups and as an organisation, we facilitate a practice sharing network for dancers across the UK who work with people with PMLD. At Cheshire Dance we proactively respond to feedback from people with PMLD and those who support them, and are currently developing a programme of one-to-one dance sessions for people with PMLD called ‘Wanna Dance?’, in partnership with Vivo Care Choices.

Dance Artists believe everyone can dance and be creative and they look at their work with PMLD through an artistic lens. Experienced dance artists offer opportunities for people with PMLD to be part of a creative dance experience – if they want. At Cheshire Dance our artists can co-create dance with people with PMLD in the moment or/and for sharing with others. Our artists enjoy noticing, developing, framing and celebrating the dances of people with PMLD – no matter how small they may seem.

Cheshire Dance champions dance artists, their learning and the development of their practice and approach to dance with people with Profound & Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD). As a result, our artists are inspired by working with people with PMLD and are passionate about working with each unique person in the way which is best for them.

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