International Dance Day 2022


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Join the Campaign: #DanceUnrestricted for International Dance Day 2022

Just around the corner on Thursday 29th April is International Dance Day 2022. As with previous years, Cheshire DanceLudus DanceMDICompany ChameleonThe Lowry and DCNW are bringing together everyone that supports North West dance to celebrate dance and dance artists – their importance in society and the incredible impact they both make on people, communities and lives.

To celebrate the day we will be exploring the theme of #DanceUnrestricted.

With this in mind, please join us for International Dance Day on 29th April by sharing stories, moments and celebrations that explore the theme #DanceUnrestricted. This year there are no limits on International Dance Day, so break out and feel Unrestricted! Move your feet, make some moves and share your content. Let’s highlight positive, ambitious or surprising things coming up and celebrate how people have reached beyond by engaging with dance.

Share photos, videos, quotes and thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and tag in the above partners to help flood the internet with an unrestricted feel of movement and dance. Promote each other’s content, spread the word on the work that you do and take the opportunity to really showcase the power of the art form.

Here’s how to plan for IDD2022:

1. Get ready to gather, create and share dance-related content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that promotes the theme: “Dance Unrestricted”.

2. Alert your dance community, dance friends, students and freelancers to get involved by sharing their stories on the day too.

3. Don’t forget to include the hashtags #DanceUnrestricted and #IDD2022 on any posts/tweets.

4. Tag in Cheshire Dance, Ludus Dance, MDI, Company Chameleon and The Lowry who will be standing by to share and boost as much content as they can.

5. In turn, please share their content and the content of others to help spread this year’s theme far and wide.

6. On April 22nd (one week before IDD) and April 28th (one day before IDD), get ready to share the following text with images, videos, stories and links of your choice that fit this years theme:

Call out to the North West dance community!
This year, there are NO limits on International Dance Day.
Break out, feel move and #DanceUnrestricted
Move your feet, make some moves, and share your content.
Join in and celebrate on Fri 29 Apr 2022.
#IDD2022 #DanceUnrestricted #LetsCreate


7. On the event day (April 29th), please share your different messages with the theme of #DanceUnrestricted. Consider the following as ideas:


#DanceUnrestricted to express yourself
#DanceUnrestricted to perform
#DanceUnrestricted together
#DanceUnrestricted to move your feet
#DanceUnrestricted to take part
#DanceUnrestricted to create


Be proud to be part of North West dance community; let’s celebrate IDD2022 together!




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