Shirley Brocklehurst

From my studio in rural Cheshire, I work with adults who have long standing or deep rooted emotional difficulties which affect their ability to fully enjoy life.  This may be a reaction to past trauma or bereavement, and can result in anxiety, depression, addiction and sometimes medically unexplained symptoms such as physical pain or discomfort.

I taught dance and movement for over 45 years. My earliest dance passion was ballroom dancing, although over the years I added other disciplines and styles to my training. I still enjoy helping couples learn to dance together and have great satisfaction in creating first dances for weddings. Early in my career I realised that there were underlying reasons why people came to my classes other than the obvious one of learning a new skill. The relational and expressive aspects of dance were as important to me as the actual steps, if not more so, but there was also something about the way I related to my participants. I saw my role as helping to fulfil their potential, rather than criticising their technique I wanted to accompany them as they discovered the joy of movement for themselves. I found that my classes attracted participants who were finding their way again after bereavement, illness or injury and some came because it helped them manage their challenges with mental health. When I discovered that Dance Therapy was actually a profession, I knew I had found my calling and embarked on studying for a Masters Degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. I graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University 10 years ago and soon acquired my licence for private practice.

My fascination with all things mind-body related inevitably drew me to the study and practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong which now form part of my wellness programme – Movement In Mind.

"I was drawn to this profession out of a lifelong passion for dance and a fascination with the connection between mind and body".

Shirley Brocklehurst

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