DCNW Research Programme Round 3 Now Open


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DCNW Research Programme

DCNW invites north west dance artists and organisations to create or develop work which explores the future of dance. 

Through commissioned Dance Labs, showcase events and sharing knowledge, DCNW is helping artists and companies create the future of dance with more people dancing from more backgrounds in more dance styles.

In round three of the DCNW Research Programme, we want to give artists and organisations the chance to explore the best ways to share their work and their creative ability, perhaps through platforms, scratch nights, development events or showcases. You tell us what will work to develop your work and career, giving you opportunities to perform, and/or increase your engagement with audiences.

We also want colleagues to find the best ways to share the learning from the Research Programme, which commissions NW-based dancers, dance creatives and organisations to create new or develop existing work, explore opportunities for research and development, collaborate with others and further dance careers and productions. The artists and organisations that have been commissioned so far have learned a great deal and we want your ideas about how others could learn from them.

The commissions are open and flexible, and actively encourage dance from all sorts of practice. The programme strives to challenge inequalities and make space to share ideas, performances and knowledge with other artists, professionals and venues.

The DCNW Research Programme looks to reach more people from more backgrounds, both professional and personal, and is supporting people in developing a proposal or project. For more information on Round Three, please click here.

Deadline: 5th February 2023


See more at: www.danceconsortianorthwest.org/about-research-programme


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