Thomas McCann

Thomas McCann is a qualified dancer and dance instructor, BA (hons), and a qualified clinical nutritionist, CNM Diploma, with more than 10 years experience performing,  teaching and choreographing the general public.

Thomas has taught a wide array of groups dance including, children, teens, SEN, professionals, adults, and older adults; and truly loves how each group comes with their own charm and own ability level.

After working for lots of smaller dance companies around the UK as well as doing projects in Europe in many different dance styles Thomas loves to explore dance in its full range and how this can help work on so many different levels, from something as a form of sport, athleticism, to truly using our bodies to tell deep and meaningful stories through artful displays of human connection.

It is a pleasure to work alongside Cheshire Dance and help deliver meaningful dance sessions to so much of our wonderful community here in and around Chester.

"Dance is an integral part of our story as humans, and can enrich us is so many wonderful way. It is such a pleasure to be able to do this amazing activity with so many people."

Thomas McCann

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