Olena Hrabchak

Olena has been dancing since she was 6 years old. With a BA in Choreography, she is classically trained and specialises in Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz and Folk dance.

Olena has travelled the world working in South Korea, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey and Montenegro. She has experience of working in theatres, theme parks, cruise ships, circus, gymnasiums, schools and nurseries.

Olena recently took part in “Global Folk Project” with Movema on the Blue and Yellow Submarine Parade as a Lead Artist, responsible for creating the Ukrainian Folk side of the performance. Olena also works as a solo artist, mixing Ukrainian folk dance with contemporary, classical and modern dance.

Olena has presented a solo project at Xpressia Festival during the Eurovision week and has taken part in the “European Festival’ in Liverpool with her Ukrainian dance group. She is currently working as a co-creator of Folk Ukrainian Dance in Liverpool.

She is passionate about exploring different styles and looking at how she can improve people’s well-being through dance and loves working with all ages and abilities to tell their stories through dance.

"I’m a classically trained dancer and my main specialty is Ukrainian Folk Dance. I like to explore ways of mixing folk moves with contemporary/classical. I'm passionate about sharing and awakening people's identification and love to explore and develop peoples feelings through dance and uncover new creative ways of dancing."

Olena Hrabchak

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