Adam Holloway: Charity Leader of the Month


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Adam Holloway

Cause 4: Pick of the Month 

In October, Director Adam Holloway featured as Cause 4’s Charity Leader of the Month. Cause 4 is a social business founded to support charities to achieve more and better. The interview looks into Adams journey as a leader, gets his insight on the sector and offers advice to prospective leaders in the arts.

“I believe everyone is a leader already. It’s just a matter of what it is you’re leading whether for yourself or with others and the energy you’re able to put into focusing your efforts and acting on your thoughts and conversations to make things happen. Of course, leadership can be driven by vision or a goal that you’ve got in mind and equally it can be a driven by a desire or need to act, taking one step at a time with only a general view on where you’re heading. For me I want to be myself, calmly authentic but I admit, it’s not always calm. I think I reflect a lot on what I’m learning and who I’m learning with. I certainly like discovering reasons to connect with others and understand what and how others think.”

The full article can be viewed here.


Photo: Adam Holloway presented with a plaque for 25 years service to Cheshire Dance. The year 2022 is Adam’s 26th year at the organisation.








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