Our Virtual Community - Terms & Conditions of Online Classes


Health & Safety Guidance In Our Virtual Dance Community

Dancing in your own home means that YOU are responsible for your health and safety and you are not covered by Cheshire Dance insurance. As such, please read and follow the guidance BELOW before agreeing to take part in any of our Live Classes or pre-recorded activities for Older Adults or those with Learning Disabilities.



Terms & Conditions Specific to Live Zoom Classes:

* For Zoom virtual classes, participants will receive an invitation by email/What's App to join a class. ONLY follow links to ZOOM meeting invitations from your trusted Cheshire Dance freelancer.

ONLY follow links to ZOOM meeting invitations from - Cheshire Dance. (Guidance on how to use Zoom with Cheshire Dance can be found here). Please do not share your link with others.

* Your live Zoom class will display all members of the group on your screen via a video link. With this in mind, photography or recording of live sessions is prohibited.

* All music will be controlled by the artist leading the session.

* Listen to the teacher leading your session and try not to talk at the same time as the teacher/other participants.


Additional Terms and Conditions for Children/Young People's Zoom Classes

  • * Invitations for children/young people's Zoom sessions will be sent to parent/carers and not the young people themselves. However, we acknowledge that older teens may have their own devices and want to control this themselves. Therefore, it is especially important that they ONLY follow links to ZOOM meeting invitations from Cheshire Dance and that parents/carers are aware that their young person is participating in an online Cheshire Dance session.

* When a child/young person connects to an online class, a parent/carer must be present to verbally "sign in" the participant with the teacher - and "sign out" the participant at the end of the session.

* The parent/carer must also confirm that the space in which the young person is dancing is safe and suitable.

* Parents/carers must remain in the home whilst the young person takes part in the dance session.


Payment for online classes are to be made via PayPal, either using an existing PayPal account or by using PayPal to pay by Debit Card or Credit Card. Help with Paying by PayPal - and staying safe when paying online - can be found here.


Guidance For Both Live Zoom Classes and Pre-Recorded Activities:

* Ensure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear when dancing at home.

* Ensure your dancing space is safe. Where possible, move furniture out of the way to ensure you have ample space to move. We are aware that most participants will have limited room to move and as such, we will adapt our classes and pre-recorded activities as best as possible to allow for this.

* Before starting any session or activity, take a look around the room to check for possible hazards. Take responsibility for your own space. If you cannot safely move items out of your way, please ask for help. If this is not possible, please do not attempt to do this yourself. Please note that access to a chair may be required.

* If there are pets or small children in the house, please ensure they remain in another room as they may present a hazard.

* Make sure you have a glass/bottle of water to hand. We will continue to guide you regarding breaks and ask that you listen to our recommendations and advice.

* Follow all advice given – whilst you may be taking part in a class at home, it is still our responsibility to keep you as safe as possible. If you feel unwell, STOP - know your limits and listen to your body!

* If possible, donate to our fund which will help us to support the artists that are leading these sessions. You can do this by using your phone to text CHES001 to 70970 to donate £5. Alternatively, click here to "Donate as You Feel".




Please adhere to the above. Cheshire Dance can take no responsibility for accidents and incidents that occur whilst you (or your child/young person) dances at home. Staying safe is YOUR responsibility.

For other questions regarding our online classes, please email: hello@cheshiredance.org.


For instructions on how to use Zoom with Cheshire Dance in 5 Easy Steps, click here.


Text CHES001 to 70970 to donate £5 to support the freelance dance artists leading these classes. Alternatively, click here to "Donate as You Feel".


"We don't have to be in the same room to dance. We can dance anywhere and online classes let us enjoy dancing together - no matter where we are!"

NB: Due to the Coronavirus, Cheshire Dance has closed it's office doors until further notice. To get in touch with the Virtual Cheshire Dance team, please email: hello@cheshiredance.org.









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