The Dancing Games

Cheshire Dance was commissioned by Wild Rumpus to create The Dancing Games at the Just So Festival, 15-17 August 2014

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‘Such a great experience in the forest.’

‘Best performance of the weekend.’

‘We came half way through yesterday, came back to work out the characters, fantastic, well thought through, are you coming back next year?’… ‘It is by invitation...’,  ‘You definitely will be invited...’

‘Was good, my seven year old son was asking loads of questions about the Hunger Games, his friends have seen it but he hasn’t.’

‘Daughter who is ten has been to the performance twice, we haven’t done the participatory bit yet, however my daughter wants to come back and watch for a third time.’


In The Dancing Games families journey through the Forest of Discovery encountering movement experiences that test their sensory skills as they discover and explore.  Gathering currency along the way to grow sense strings will help families and friends celebrate with us at the Dance On Ceremony.  First though they must prepare!  Families will awaken their sensory skills, developing their special powers of awareness and learn how to collect currency in the Meadow of Sense.  The hidden secrets and stories of The Dancing Games are explored through the physical in this sensory journey through nature.

The Meadow of Sense will have sense guides, who will take families on a 30 minute exploration of their environment.  Encouragement will be given to explorers to unlock their special powers of awareness so that when they continue their journey they have confidence to encounter the hidden secrets and stories of the forest.

In The Forest of Discovery families will be supported by sense guides to find discovery nests.  These nests will pose open ended questions and encourage participants to further explore their senses, deepen their interaction with the environment and grow their sense strings by collecting currency in the shape of leaves, cones or sticks.  Flexibility is key to success of this journey, allowing explorers maximum opportunity to explore and play in order to give the highest quality experience possible.

The Master of Senseomonies, and up to 30 performers from Cheshire Dance’s own professional company, graduate, community and youth groups will greet families emerging from the forest and support them to take part in the Dance On Ceremony or to join the audience.

Cheshire Dance
We work with people to LEARN, EXPERIENCE and CREATE dance.  Cheshire Dance relishes the challenges and opportunities created by the natural environment as it allows us to bring our values of creative practice (authenticity, awareness, flexibility, diversity, ownership and inquiry) to the fore.


Want to join in?
There will be a number of set start times throughout the festival for families to begin their sensory journey at the Meadow of Sense, all culminating in a performance at the Dance on Ceremony. Tickets for the festival are now on sale. Goto or direct to ticket sales.


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