Opportunity for GM Independent Artists and Companies



Manchester Independants

Deadline: March 24th, 2023

Manchester Independents’ Open Call for Commissions 2023 is now LIVE, offering support to make and share new work over the coming months.

MI will support a 4-month-long programme that showcases the city region’s creativity, supported financially and with other resources including a joined-up marketing initiative. The programme will feature two categories of work:

1. Projects that need resources
2. Work happening independently that wants to join the overarching programme


Applying for Resources

A pot of resources has been collected from Greater Manchester’s Arts & Cultural Organisations, including space, advice, equipment, and cash.

MI seeks proposals for new work to be completed in 2023 in any artform.
Proposals can be for work that is publicly presented OR work that focuses more on process and ideas.

Proposed work:

· can be in any artform or combination of artforms
· involving GM communities is welcomed, but should be led by GM artists/creatives
· can have other support already in place or yet to be applied for
· must be new — yet to be created or can have been in development but not yet shown publicly
· may have a public outcome — e.g. public sharing, in person, online or in print/digital form — or if more process-based should have a clear start and end date
· must take place in Greater Manchester or be created in GM and take place online/print/digital format
· should be shared publicly between 1 June and 30 September 2023 or if more process-based have another outcome during this period

Lead applicants must:

· be over 18
· live in, or their main practice be based in, Greater Manchester.


As guidance, projects will be considered to be:
· Large (up to approx. £10k value in cash plus other resources)
· Medium (up to approx. £5k value in cash plus other resources)
· Small (up to £2.5k value in cash plus other resources)
· Seed (up to £1k value in cash plus other resources)

It is expected that the professional experience level of the lead artists/creatives should be appropriate to the scale of the project (e.g. Large 5-years, Medium 3-years, Small/Seed 1-year)


We want to hear from a wide range of people from across the city region. We particularly welcome applications from those currently under-represented in the industry as a result of barriers arising from social, gender, sexuality, financial, ethnic, cultural, religious, geographic or educational disadvantage, or disability. If you would like to explore how we can support you in overcoming these barriers, please get in touch with us and we will happily explore this with you in advance of your application.

We anticipate there will be a lot more work proposed than can be supported. A cross-artform panel of independent artists and representatives of cultural organisations, with independent artists in the majority, will make the selection — give your proposal the best chance by helping them see your vision and what the end audience will experience.

Be descriptive, be relevant, be inspirational, be outward-looking.

Deadline to apply Friday 24th March 2023, 12pm midday
Selections to take place w/c 3rd April 2023

Work to be delivered between 1st June – 30th September 2023


For more information and to apply, visit: www.manchesterindependents.org.