Baris Yazar

Movement: Beyond Steps and Form


For some years now I have found my-self being drawn and inquiring into the mystical and transcendental experiences I have had while moving and playing Capoeira.

This quest has led me on an inner journey and exploration through different spiritual arts and practices which I have found to have similar themes and rituals.

Through the Capoeira experience.

We will explore the worlds of ‘work’, ‘rhythm’ and ‘song’ and how they relate to each other, how does work turn to play? Can we playfully work? And more importantly how this knowledge can help not only develop our awareness and personal practice but our day to day lives.  

Our physical practice will include a mix of movement, movement games. breath and vocal work.

Baris Yazar is a Teacher, Manual therapist and for many years has worked as a performer.

Currently Baris leads a module on Capoeira he has coined as ‘Movement Semantics’ as part of BA (HONS) dance: Urban Practice at the University of East London. Beside this he teaches classes and workshops In Capoeira and also ‘Movement sessions’ developing mobility strength and flexibility in harmony across the UK and Europe.

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