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At Cheshire Dance we work with schools across the borough to enrich the learning and lives of young people through dance.  Our approach is inclusive and person-centred and our artists are passionate about delivering creative interventions that champion the health & wellbeing of students with innovative solutions to help schools achieve, a broad, exciting and creative curriculum.

Our current Dance and Education offer includes:

  1. Outdoor Workshops and Projects: Utilising an outdoor space to create movement sessions that allow children to move in the relative safety of the outdoors, respond to the environment around them and use curriculum stimulus where appropriate (water cycle, life cycle, animals, insects and many more). This could be developed into a film or live performance when allowed.
  2. Live Streaming Sessions: With a class bubble working together, our dance artists can deliver a session via live streaming through a whiteboard or projection. This can be adapted to what equipment there is available.
  3. Face to Face Sessions (Indoors): Cross-curricular sessions using dance to support learning, specific movement mindfulness sessions to support mental health and range of different dance styles availabel for after school clubs.
  4. FREE Dance Education Resource Packs for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils for primary school teachers to download and use with their students. These packs include written instructions, an audio file and a video file.

To find out how Cheshire Dance can work with your setting and to book our team for the above, please contact:





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"We have loved having Cheshire Dance in school. They are professional and understanding of the current climate and are constantly providing unique ways to bring dance to life in school, whilst keeping safety as a priority. The children have made so much progress in dance and the teachers have valued the expert coaching to help inform their own teaching. Thank you!"

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