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Dance has been widely recognised to improve both physical and mental health, and overall wellbeing in young people. Studies have shown that:
* Only 38% of girls are reported to achieve the recommended amount of physical daily exercise — dance is a great way of engaging girls in physical activity.
* Dance increases cardiovascular activity and can help to reduce weight gain.
* It improves cognitive functions with movement creating a link between a problem or idea to an outcome or solution. It can progress classroom learning and provide a platform for creative & critical thinking.
* Dance promotes sociability through working together and celebrating within the community.  We can help young people to build confidence and self-esteem, strengthen resilience and boost positive mental health.
* We can support young people to develop their ability to communicate ideas and difficulties effectively—both verbally and in movement.
* Dance is non-verbal form of self expression.  Dancing and learning supports a growing awareness of our physicality and our physical selves.


Cheshire Dance Education Offer

Cheshire Dance offers workshops and classes suitable for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
* After School Clubs
* Full Day Workshops
* Half Day Workshops

Cheshire Dance can lead dance in a wide variety of styles including:
* Contemporary
* Street & urban forms, including Break Dance
* World dance styles (African, Capoeira, Brazilian, Indian, etc.)
* Creative (choreography, improvisation, amongst others.)

Cross Curricular Dance Workshops

Using dance to enhance kinaesthetic learning, we work with you to bring subjects to life. We use dance and creative movement to develop wider characteristics for learning — and promote creative thinking alongside critical thinking to deepen students understanding in topic work. Examples of cross curricular activities through dance include: British values, digital identity, literacy, numeracy, science, history & heritage and themes such as sustainable palm oil, amongst others.

Our workshops and classes are tailored to suit individual needs and can be customised for specific age ranges, abilities, special educational needs and complex disabilities.

Our approach is inclusive and person-centred, and our artists remain committed to delivering creative interventions that champion the health & wellbeing of students. We ensure that dance as a powerful art form works to contribute to all pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


Cheshire Dance is also able to work with you to deliver school improvement plans and to enrich your current curriculum framework through quality dance practises that add real value.




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"We have loved having Cheshire Dance in school. They are professional and understanding and are constantly providing unique ways to bring dance to life in school!"
Head Teacher

"He really enjoyed his time doing the dance and it made a real difference so thank you!"
(About at 1:1 session at Ancora House)

Dance and Schools

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