Invitation to an Artist led for Artist Session in Relation to Dance Network Northwest

When: Friday September 9th 2-6pm
Where: Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BX

Dear Friends,

We, Mary and Bridget, met on June 28 with Adam from Cheshire Dance following the last Dance Network North West meeting in February 2016.

Coming out of the February meeting Adam asked us to meet to discuss potential ways of moving forward with the notion of a distinct network/ group that is for and led by artists.

As a result we are proposing a meeting of artists to develop and coordinate a strategy for how the voice and needs of dance artists from across the North West can be placed more centrally and powerfully.  The aim is to be more visible; to be strategically placed and part of the debate in policymaking, partnership and programme development.  In the North West there are parallel groups/ strands of discussions of agencies, Higher Education institutes, venues and programmers, but there isn’t currently an inclusive North West wide strategic artists’ group.

We are happy to facilitate the development of the agenda for this meeting, but we very much need your input. We realise in different parts of the North West groups of artists are already proactively meeting and the thoughts of these groups we would encourage to be bought forward to this North West wide meeting.  So please send us agenda items of main issues you would like discussed. Also, if you would like to help steer the meeting and keep the agenda on track, please let us know, we would welcome your support.
Please send your requests and queries to:

The agenda is open to what is important to you. These are some things that we have considered for the agenda.

  • Observing and learning from existing artist led models. We will research this and bring anything to the table we find, but please forward models you find exciting and have made a difference.
  • What could the ecology of Dance in the North West look like without limits and economic risk being a determining factor?
  • What are ways by which we can strengthen our voice?
  • How can we be local and regional, regional and local?

Implicit in this discussion is diversity and democracy. We hope that artists from all areas of dance practice feel that this is applicable for them. We want this to be a productive meeting and for people who want to bring their voice to the table to be able to.  

This event will be hosted by Inhabit, an artist led project in partnership with the Bluecoat and Liverpool Improvisation Collective, to create and support a programme and development for dance in Liverpool and the North West. 

If you identify yourself as a dance artist (a performer, choreographer, independent, company member, practitioner who works in education, community settings or with/ in other organisations and contexts, creative producer or facilitator or all of the above or other) then we hope you will join us.

We would appreciate your suggestions and/or confirmation of your attendance by 1st September at the latest.

There are also some travel bursaries available for those coming from out of Liverpool.  Please contact to request a travel
bursary (equivalent to return train fare).  Include return journey details,
the cost and a paragraph stating why you want to attend.

If there is anyone you think would want to know this is happening and be a part of it please pass this invitation on.  Many thanks!

Our very best wishes.
Yours Sincerely,


Mary Prestidge and Bridget Fiske














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