Dance to Health

Photography: Adam Holloway

Dance to Health sessions in Cheshire
Dance to Health sessions are continuing in Macclesfield, Congleton and Crewe.

1/ St Andrew's Parish Hall, Crewe – Wednesdays 10am-12noon

2/ Congleton United Reformed Church, Congleton - Mondays 1.30pm - 3.30pm

3/ St Johns Community Centre, Congleton - Wednesdays 10am – 12 noon

4/ CORE (Church of the Resurrection) Community Centre, Macclesfield - Mondays 10am - 12 noon

To find out more about the programme and how to sign up for these regular groups call Claire Donaldson, Dance to Health Coordinator in Cheshire on 01993 870150, email or visit

Call out for Volunteers
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Dance to Health is a pioneering older people’s falls prevention dance programme developed by Aesop, a charity and social enterprise. It combines evidence-based physiotherapy with the creativity and energy of dance. Thanks to a £2.3 million expansion, the programme will run for two years involving over 800 older people and 800 volunteers nationwide. 62 programmes will be delivered across England and Wales in collaboration with regional Health and Dance Partners. 

The expansion programme is being delivered thanks to generous support from the Big Lottery Fund, Nesta and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Peter Sowerby Foundation, Rank Foundation, John Ellerman Foundation and the Aged Veterans Fund funded by HM Treasury.

Cheshire East Council, Aesop’s regional Health Partner, is supporting the roll out of the programme; Cheshire East Council cabinet member for health Liz Wardlaw said -
‘Dance to Health is an exciting addition to Cheshire East’s falls prevention commitment and I am happy to see it rolled out across the borough.
An innovative and diverse delivery of healthy living initiatives is at the core of the borough’s ‘Live Well’ campaign. We, and our health partners, must do all we can to encourage initiatives around falls prevention and help to keep older people out of hospital. I am delighted to support this fun activity that offers such valuable health benefits. This programme sits within our ‘One You’ Cheshire East integrated lifestyles service, which aims to help people live well and for longer’.

Karen Hamilton, Dance to Health’s Head of Programme at Aesop says –
‘We are delighted to bring Dance to Health to Cheshire in 2018. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Cheshire Dance, reaching a larger number of people through our collaboration with Cheshire East Council. We look forward to how the dance sessions will be shaped by older people in the community to give the sessions a genuine local identity’.

Dance to Health
in Cheshire is delivered by professional Dance Artists from Cheshire Dance; Adam Holloway, Director says -
Whilst dance is exciting to both watch, train and take part in, it can also tackle some really critical issues in society. As a founding Dance Partner involved in the pilot, everyone at Cheshire Dance is thrilled now to help progress this expansion programme. Together with Aesop and Cheshire East Council, we are bringing some much needed practical support to bear on the problems faced by so many people around falls.  And importantly, we’re all working on Dance to Health as a sustainable model of falls prevention, just the job for a cash strapped Health service’.

What the participants from the Dance to Health Pilot are saying about the sessions:

“it loosens me up”
“my hips feel better after moving”
“it’s really good for my balance”
“when I arrive I have so many things going through my head and when I leave they have all disappeared. It’s so uplifting”
“I have noticed I am finding it easier to get out of my chair at home and I care about that,  it’s those things that make a difference”

Successful Pilot
Cheshire Dance delivered two pilots led by fully trained artists Jan Halloran, Rosalind Holgate Smith and Bettina Carpi, alongside four other pilots elsewhere in the country. Supporting partners in Cheshire included AGE UK Cheshire, Cheshire West and Cheshire Council and Wulvern Housing. Pilots involved a minimum of 50 hours of facilitated creative dance activity with an embedded FAME/Otago physio programme.

"Very beneficial. Getting out of and back down to my chair is easier and I do it properly."
"I can now crawl with my grandchild."
"I feel stronger."
"I'm walking taller."
"My son has noticed I am telling him what I have done in the dance sessions."

(Deva Point participants, Dance to Health, AE-SOP)


If you're interested in this project and want to find out more, whether as an artist, health worker, host or commissioner, please contact Claire Donaldson, Dance to Health Coordinator in Cheshire on 01993 870150, email or visit

Cheshire Dance
For other enquiries please call Jane Atherton on 01606 861770 or email


Lead Artist: Jan Halloran. Photography: Adam Holloway




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