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Lauren Tucker (independant artist) is collaborating with Cheshire Dance (Producer) Gary Lloyd (music), Frances Heap (costumes), Dan Lowenstein (Film), Josh Hawkins & Nicolette Whitely (dancers), Homegrown (www.homegrowndancetheatre.co.uk) & Dope Male Performance Company and DOPE Development (young dancers) are creating a piece of dance inspired by the animal senses and behaviour of Flamingos.

Cheshire Dance is really excited about bringing our work to Chester Zoo so that people can see how dance can amplify the life of Flamingos. It will draw upon the simplicities and complexities, beauty, grace and quirks of Flamingo life. The piece will take audiences on a journey to witness the dancers wading in water, the mating dances, courtships and relationships with others in the flock.

The duet will pop up at Base Camp, Madagascar Play during the summer and the duet will become a full blown flock of flying birds when young people from Cheshire join the two professional dancers to create a synchronised display for the launch of the festival on Saturday 26th May. The young people will also work on site at Chester Zoo to make a one shot dance film that captures the life of Flamingos and will be previewed in the 360 Projection Cinema Room at Chester Zoo during the festival.

Lauren Tucker: “I have found that the more time you spend researching and engaging with an animal, plant or insect, the more that you fall in love with it, because you start to notice characteristics and appreciate why it needs to be protected and it’s value to the world that we live in. It is really easy for me to say that Flamingos are my favourite bird ;) I do love Limas, Penguins, Sloths, Monkeys, Giraffes also.”

Interview with Lauren Tucker who choreographed the piece.

What are you looking forward to most about Wild Worlds?

Using dance to communicate the animal behaviour of Flamingos and bring the new creation to visitors at Chester Zoo. Taking dance to non- traditional outdoor performance spaces allows people that might not usually go and see dance in theatres to engage with a performance experience, to be moved and entertained and is an exciting, alternative way to discover more about this special species at Chester Zoo.
Flamingos are really flamboyant, vibrant birds with really interesting movement qualities and personality!

We are also very excited to work with the young dancers of Cheshire to bring Flamingos to life with dance and film. It’s a brilliant opportunity to learn more about Flamingos, share our learning with others, connect with life at the Zoo, and to empower young people to take more ownership of conservation, and protecting wildlife.

What was the inspiration behind your world in the zoo?

Can you imagine the beautiful and graceful Chilean/ Carribean Flamingos in flight, landing, at rest, Flocking, Mating, Fishing, Preening, Eating, Raising their young?! This dance will capture what it is to live like a Flamingo! Using all their ‘Super Senses’

What does it mean to be collaborating with Chester Zoo on a project like Wild Worlds?

This is the first time Cheshire Dance and Chester Zoo have worked together creatively and the potential for dance and wildlife collaborations and for using dance as a vehicle for conservation conversations is really huge! The ‘Super Senses’ Flamingos dance is being made especially for Wild Worlds and we really want it to wow audiences at Chester Zoo and enable them to experience Flamingos  in a new light -sparking conversations and learning and well as creating some new dance fans!

How do you want people to feel when they see your finished work at Chester Zoo?

We want people to feel like they know Flamingos better from seeing their work interpreted by professional dancers and young dancers from Cheshire. It would be amazing if it provoked thoughts and questions and generated a dialogue between dancers and audience about the process and the learning.

Dates for your diary:-

Come and see Cheshire Dance at the Zoo public performances will take place at 11.00am, 1.00pm & 3.30pm

Normal Zoo admission does apply

26.5.18 Launch Wild Worlds Festival with professional dancers and young peoples dance groups

from across Cheshire

18.8.18 Professional Duet Performances times as above
19.8.18 Workshop - public participation

1.9.18 Professional Duet Performance times as above
2.9.18 Workshop - public participation

29.9.19 Professional Duet Performances times as above


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