Inquiring Bodies

Cheshire Dance launches the new look Inquiring Bodies!
This year, the focus of Inquiring Bodies is on Cultural Diversity in Dance. Following the round table discussion at NOW Dance Festival we want to continue the exploration in to the creative case for diversity. As a dance community we are committed to the integration of diverse dance practices into our programmes and to supporting the artists who identify with diverse dance practices or cultures.

Cheshire Dance want to include the voice of the artistic community in the curation of Inquiring Bodies 5 – so, we want you to tell us:-

Who you want to see as this year’s featured artists?

Whose practice would you like to gain an insight in to?

Which artists inspire and intrigue you?

We are particularly interested in artists from under-represented groups (e.g. BAME Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic) and those who may work with under-represented dance styles or practices.

To suggest an artist please fill in the short form here by 30th June 2017:

Feel free to suggest more than one artist! You will need to complete a separate form for each. Following the suggestion of artists a panel from across the North West will review all of the forms and work with Cheshire Dance to select the four featured artists for the event this Autumn.

More about Inquiring Bodies:
An event by dance artists, for dance artists, Inquiring Bodies features four guest artists who invite others to engage in their current research, the questions they’re asking themselves and their emerging interests.  Inquiring Bodies creates a mutually supportive environment for dance exploration and open dialogue. Guest artists’ sessions may take the form of workshops, discussions or sharings.
The Inquiring Bodies day is set up to give participants maximum choice to follow different artists’ enquiries, with participants leaving the day feeling inspired to develop and question their own practice.

“As an artist, the suggestion to bring an area of enquiry was a lovely invitation.  It felt like a safe and clear space in which I could bring my questions and emerging interests, thereby opening up conversations and connections.  I felt like I could be a person making an offering rather than a product making a sell.”Guest Artist, IB3

“I feel like I am reminded about why I am here and what I am doing. It’s really forced me to reassess where I am with my practice and how I think about it” IB Participant

“It is so wonderful to attend an event that feels so natural and welcoming. The artists selected felt so right – the emphasis on inquiry and questioning and opening out process is inspiring, provocative and also levelling.” IB Participant

“With enormous thanks for a really permissive and rich day. I am inspired. I hope you are too.”Guest Artist IB4

“Thursday was interesting nourishing and an empowering day, Thank you for inviting me. A third of my planned inquiry was illuminated and much more came back with me.” Guest Artist IB4

This year, there will also be an opportunity for sharing of extracts of work and feedback using the Liz Lerman Critical Response process. More information on how to apply to share a work in progress will be available soon.
Information on past events can be found here:

Inquiring Bodies Archive

For reference to previous Inquiring Bodies events, to see who we have invited to be guest artists before and for images of previous events please goto our Inquiring Bodies Archive.

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