Rachel Freeman with Tayla Wood

A sense of belonging

How do we nurture a sense of belonging in the dance? Let's move through some questions and explore the issues at a micro-level so that we can practice it globally. 

Rachel Freeman is an independent dance artist based in rural Herefordshire, interested in improvisation, inclusive practice, interdisciplinary collaboration and compassion. 
She has over 35 years’ experience of directing, producing and managing dance projects with people with and without physical or learning disabilities and sensory impairment, including local and international touring and teaching, creating large-scale community work, site-specific and aerial dance.
She is drawn to researching and making work in unusual settings, mostly outdoors, with a range of artists. Rachel founded and led Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company for 18 years and has been working as lead artist with EVERYBODY DANCE since its inception in 2011, managing and delivering a range of inclusive projects for all ages and abilities.

Tayla Wood is working with Rachel and EVERYBODY DANCE to develop her own dance practice as part of this enquiry.
“As a young disabled artist with particular access needs, I am unable to walk and verbally communicate, which results in being a powered wheelchair user and I also use a speech app on an iPhone to communicate with people. I have found training opportunities are extremely limited and despite effort have been unable to engage with any training of significant meaning. I wish to gain hands-on experience with mentor guidance so that I can move forward in my career in the community arts sector."


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