Katye Coe

An open ending' performance enquiry


Katye will be working throughout the day to develop  a living document of Inquiring Bodies and invites you to witness as she creates this embodied history:
“My intention, through choreographic choices, the gathering of information through the day as well as those choices made as I work, concern the distillation and discarding of material as I attempt to suspend form by resisting hiding behind form. I am finding spaces to work in a predicament.  Glimpses of this predicament are accompanied by a simultaneous opening up and condensation of space.

This proposal draws on; a solo movement work that I first performed as part of a study programme led by Rosemary Butcher in 2013 and; my current interest in the term Responsibility.  The practice research that I did in those weeks has informed a much longer process of transformation for me as a performer. I attribute this partly to the generosity and to the challenge of working in the way that we did during those weeks.”


Katye is a dance artist based in the UK. She has practiced as a performer, choreographer and teacher since 1994. She is a senior lecturer in Dance at Coventry University www.coventry.ac.uk/cdare. She has worked extensively with and been informed by teachers and practices including; Eva Karczag; Charlie Morrissey; Gill Clarke; Helen Poynor; Gaby Agis; Kirsty Alexander; Frank Bock
Recent creative projects include:
‘Way Pieces’; a choreographic commission in 2014 at Slimbridge WWT through resident artist Alex Howard
‘Where we are Not’; a performed practice with Charlie Morrissey, recommissioned for Wildcard at Sadlers Wells in April 2015 with Alva Noe and Graeme Miller
‘(to) Constantly Vent’; a running intervention originally commissioned for What_Now 2013 and that was then performed at ‘Dancer as Agent’ conference at DOCH in November 2014 and then performed as part of Volumes Project in MIRRORCITY at the Hayward Gallery in the Autumn amd Winter of 2014.
Groundswell with Frank Bock at Independent Dance
Katye teaches across the UK and internationally. She is the founding director of Decoda .
Katye performs regularly and have longstanding performance practices in the work of Florence Peake and Joe Moran.
Her current practice and curiosities engage working methods that deal with imagination, with enduring experiences that may be caught in an accidental moment of encounter, or witnessed over much longer periods of time.
"I am living the possibility that one makes and performs work as an activist. The activity performed might be displaced and persistent, or commonplace and fleeting, revealing a raw craft through structures and through dancing that is always hopeful."
Katye is forming a series of collections that refer to her practices. Here are a couple in progress so far:


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