Dan Lowenstein

Movement and Film


Dan has been filming and directing dance films for a number of years now, for Inquiring Bodies Dan will be exploring the link between dance and film, focusing on both in front and behind the camera.  He will share techniques he has learnt over the years, and also ways to devise concepts and different ways to create a film on a budget. 

Dan is a professional dancer with over 12 years of experience.  Performing in various environments, from large scale site specific shows to full time tours across the UK and Europe. He specialises mainly in contemporary and in breakdancing both separately and in the fusion of these styles. Dan see’s himself as an explosive yet intricate dancer with a hungry appetite to improve through continued professional development, as well as through passing his knowledge onto other people in the form of workshops, classes and residencies. Dan is also a film maker and photographer specialising in movement / dance and concept videos.


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