Andrea Buckley

Under The Skin & In Front Of Our Nose

The potential to focus compositionally on the" archi-texture" of tissue opens up the three dimensional matrix of the body and supports a process of working in a relational field of inside and outside. Exploring action in the living tissue of a person feeds a desire to observe something that is happening behind the scenes.

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As a new perspective forms for me, the evidence of the surface tension and the properties that lie underneath my skin become intriguing. Questions and dialogue begin to unfold. At the outset I see possibilities for capturing my findings primarily as a movement research, investigating processes and reflections that are grounded in observation, perception, culture and imagination. This inquiry will be a fusion of moving and presenting. 

Through the dance practice emphasis will be placed on the thinking body. I am interested in the interface where dance and movement meet my understanding of relationships and the space we inhabit.

There’s a choreographic notion of moving and being present.  Tuning in to Making marks in the surrounding space reveals something about gesture, meaning and leaving behind trails of thought to capture, witness or make meaning of. Conversations and working with partners and trios will be an active way of exploring how to get closer to what's in front of our nose as a way to teach and inform us more.

I am a Rolfer, dance performer, maker and teacher whose experience extends over 21 years working in UK, Ireland, Europe and West Coast of America. Through various engagements and initiatives I work in small scale site-specific, theatre, film and gallery based performance settings, working with a wide sector of the community, ranging from professional dancers, mixed ability groups, dance and theatre students.

My research draws upon an extensive range of improvisation and contact skills which I have had the good fortune to study and I have worked alongside inspirational teachers and choreographers prominent in this field.

As a dance artist I have been performing and collaborating with Siobhan Davies Dance for over 4 years. Current work is 'Table of contents' which has been a collaboration between ICA (London) Tramway (Glasgow) and Arnolfini (Bristol). Further Performances are with Kunstbau, (Munich).

Drawing upon my Rolfing work is the foundation of an enquiry into a richer understanding to further explore the scope for movement as a means to communicate and cultivate work that is generous and looks under the skin as a way to engage and respond creatively.

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