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Supporting under-represented communities in Cheshire to dance

Cheshire Dance works to support people facing hardship or inequalities of opportunity through dance. As a social activity dance is a great tool for bringing communities and people together whether to meet other like minded individuals, for fitness and health, for creative learning or to support them in their profession.

We specialise in work with:-

  • - Young people and children in need

  • - People with phyicsal disabilities and/or learning difficulties, including those with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities

  • - Older people who are isolated or have health concerns

  • - Artists, Teachers, Youth and Care Workers in their professional development

"I'm massively grateful to have been able to go through such a different project in such a safe and supported way and it is not an exaggeration to say that I am a completely different person to when I first came along to the project." Primary School Teacher

"I was pure angry over the weekend, and I took it out on my dance, instead of lashing out at someone or screaming. I was just totally focused, it was brilliant." Young Person from a Criminal Justice Setting

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Supporting people with disabilities who live in Cheshire to dance

Cheshire Dance is very experienced in delivering dance activity involving people with disabilities, whether physical disabilities or learning difficulties and including people with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities.

These activities are very popular. We currently sustain 7 groups across Cheshire but recognise there is demand for activities that we are unable to meet. With your support we can extend the reach of this activity to new areas and to people who want to dance but cannot currently access a group.

"It was great to see so many people enjoy the dance session and the film. Our residents have thoroughly enjoyed working on this creative and sociable project." Care Home Manager

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Donate to Dance and Dementia Cause CHES003

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Supporting those living with Dementia in Cheshire to dance.

Many of us know someone living with or effected by dementia.  From our experience we know that people love to dance and celebrate life.  Dance can help us re-connect with each other even when things are getting a bit overwhelming. 

'The social element of the dance performance was just fantastic, it carries over into how people feel for the rest of the day, it lifts people’s mood.'Anna Chadwick Lead Admiral Nurse

'I really enjoyed the gentle exercises, moving muscles, just doing a little bit, getting your shoulders moving. You’re sitting or in bed a lot usually. I think the breathing exercises are very good at helping you relax.' Participant, Mid Cheshire Hospitals Foundation Trust Leighton Hospital

In THIS Moment has been developed by Cheshire Dance.  We are a registered charity and have been loving dancing with people of all ages and abilities from more than 40 years.  We work with dance artists who have dedicated themselves and their careers to facilitating accessible, sociable and creative dance in all its glorious forms. 

To donate £5 text CHES003 to 70970

Or visit the site DONATE website for other ways of giving to this cause

Please contact us with any queries. Phone 01606 861770. Email



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