Dance and Dementia

The benefits of dance and movement:-

- Provides a gentle and fun way to excercise
- Boosts self-esteem and confidence
- Stimulates memories
- Encourages social interaction

Who are the sessions for?
The sessions are open to everyone including those affected by dementia. Bring along carers, friends and family members.

What is the aim of the sessions?
The aim is to provide opportunities for individuals to live in the moment and to engage physically, socially and emotionally through movement and dance. During the sessions there will be opportunities to draw on ideas from individuals themselves including their favourite music, movements, memories and their own experiences of dance past and present.

Dance is recognised as providing therapeutic benefit, it is a form of release
and means of expression, using simple creative movements allows people
to express something of their individuality.*

The sessions are supported by Cheshire East Participatory Budget Scheme (Public Health).

Please contact us if you are interested in joining any of the sessions below by phoning 01606 861770 or emailing

1. A Chance to Dance - Belong Village, Crewe weekly tuesdays

A Chance to Dance - Wishing Well, Georges Crewe, Taster 8th June then weekly thursdays

Tea Dance - Barnies every other wednesday from the 30th May


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